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Streamline Your Financial Management with Seamless Integrations

Our Industry-Wide Integrations feature offers seamless connections to popular tools and services used by business managers, accountants and clients, enhancing the overall user experience. By integrating with key industry applications, Leopard simplifies financial management processes and promotes efficient collaboration between all parties.

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For Clients...

Clients can enjoy a unified financial management experience by connecting Leopard with their favourite tools and services, simplify the sharing of financial information with their business manager by integrating with bank accounts and investment platforms, and access a wide range of additional features and functionality through integrated third-party applications.


For Firms...

Firms can save time and reduce manual data entry by integrating with accounting, payroll, and tax software, streamline collaboration with clients and other professionals by connecting to communication tools and project management platforms, and enhance their service offerings with access to additional financial data and tools through third-party integrations.

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